Horse driving cart harness set contains 

    • Harness Bridle with Blinker 
    • Harness Saddle with Girth 
    • Harness driving reins 
    • Breast collar 
    • Breeching 
    • Crupper 

    (no bridle bit comes with this set) 

    Please see below chart as a general guideline to see if this harness fits 

    Please take the following measurement from your horse as per the picture 

    A: Bridle, from bit ring to bit ring over poll. Subtract 3 inches if measuring from corner of mouth to corner of mouth as bit rings are usually 1-1/2 inches each side. 

    B: Nose Band. Measure all the way around the muzzle about 2 fingers width below the cheek (Tear) bone.

    C: Brow band. Measure from hour horse’s temple on one side to the temple on the other side.  Remember the brow-band measurement comes around his forehead past his ears.  The brow band has to include room for the Conchos.

    F: Girth All the way around the girth (This is where the saddle would go)

    G: Backstrap. This is the distance from where the harness saddle sits to the dock (top) of the tail. It is the length used for the turn back strap.

    H: Breast plate. All the way around the girth (This is where the saddle would go) .

    I: Breaching. Measure from the middle of the flank swirl around the widest part of the rump to the middle of the flank swirl on the other side. This will ensure the breeching is long enough.

    All measurement are in inches: minimum to maximum for each size 



    A: Bridle 42” to 48”

    B: Nose Band 24” to 38”

    C: Brow band 16’’ to 17.5’’ 

    F: Girth 75” to 89” 

    G: Backstrap. 33” to 45” 

    H: Breast plate 48’’ to 54’’

    I:  Breaching 42’’ to 48’’



    A: Bridle 38” to 44” 

    B: Nose Band 23” to 26”

    C: Brow band 15’’ to 16.5’’

    F: Girth 65” to 84” 

    G: Backstrap. 32” to 42” 

    H: Breast plate 44’’ to 50’’

    I:  Breaching 40’’ to 46’’



    A: Bridle 36” to 42”

    B: Nose Band 22” to 25”

    C: Brow band 14’’ to 15’’

    F: Girth 64” to 72” 

    G: Backstrap. 31” to 38” 

    H: Breast plate 40’’ to 46’’

    I:  Breaching 36’’ to 44’’

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